Driving Jet Skis With Passengers

It’s not uncommon for people to ride double on a jet ski. This means one rider and one passenger. However, the more weight that is on the ski the harder it is to control and easier it is to flip over. So before deciding to ride with a friend or family member, make sure you check weight limits on the ski.

At Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rentals, we have a firm policy of 2 people and/or 400 lbs per ski. However, we do allow the driver and passenger to switch roles on the water, as long as they’re both within the qualifications. When driving a ski with passengers, have them hold onto you as if you were riding a motorcycle (around the stomach area).

The worst thing a passenger on a jet ski can do is lean when you are turning. Leaning with the ski will more than likely cause it to flip over. Make sure your passengers always keep their feet inside the footwells of the ski. If for any reason the passenger of a jet ski falls off, they are not attached to the kill switch, so it is imperative that the driver of the ski turn it off immediately in order to allow the passenger to get back on the ski without getting caught in the impeller.

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