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Our Pontoon Boat

Our Avalon LSZ Rear Lounger pontoon boat is the perfect option to get out on the water with family and friends for an enjoyable and relaxing day. This spacious 24 foot long and 8.5 foot wide pontoon boat allows up to 10 people to enjoy some fun on the water. With a pontoon boat rental you have the choice of how and where to spend your day out on the boat.

The pontoon boat features two wide sun loungers in the back portion of the boat. At the front are port & starboard bow benches. It also features an additional chair in the middle of the boat for a side by side ride. Use the extended rear deck with the stainless steel telescoping ladder to jump in the water and cool off if the heat gets too warm for you.

More features on the Avalon LSZ pontoon boat:

– Sport Low Back Drivers Chair with Arms
– Chair Adjustment Slider, Front, Back, Rotate
– Full Deck Riptide Vinyl Flooring
– Large Rectangular table
– Exclusive Matrix 50 Soft Touch Seat Vinyl
– Lounge Arms with Storage
– Aluminum Seat Frames with Flow-Through Ventilation
– Stainless Steel Cup Holders
– Steering Mechanical Tilt
– Black Soft-grip Steering Wheel
– Removable Windshield
– Fusion RA-210 Stereo
– 4 Fusion EL Speakers
– USB Input and Charger
– Vinyl Non-skid Strips for Entry Gates
– Rear Stainless Steel telescoping Ladder

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Driving Jet Skis With Passengers

It’s not uncommon for people to ride double on a jet ski. This means one rider and one passenger. However, the more weight that is on the ski the harder it is to control and easier it is to flip over. So before deciding to ride with a friend or family member, make sure you check weight limits on the ski.

At Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rentals, we have a firm policy of 2 people and/or 400 lbs per ski. However, we do allow the driver and passenger to switch roles on the water, as long as they’re both within the qualifications. When driving a ski with passengers, have them hold onto you as if you were riding a motorcycle (around the stomach area).

The worst thing a passenger on a jet ski can do is lean when you are turning. Leaning with the ski will more than likely cause it to flip over. Make sure your passengers always keep their feet inside the footwells of the ski. If for any reason the passenger of a jet ski falls off, they are not attached to the kill switch, so it is imperative that the driver of the ski turn it off immediately in order to allow the passenger to get back on the ski without getting caught in the impeller.

Pontoon Boat Experience

Pontoon boats are a favorite for families wanting to see the immense beauty and scenic nature that is in the area. It’s a vast paradise for all nature lovers and always ends up surpassing one’s expectations. From a scenic waterway to beautiful private islands and beaches, there are unique surprises around every corner.

Some of the best hidden treasures in the area are not able to be accessed by land, only by water. Adventure, fun, excitement and thrills are ways to describe a day on the water with one of our pontoon boats. But it’s truly indescribable unless you see it for yourself! You can cruise, dock, sunbathe, fish, swim, or tie up and discover one of our many restaurants or shopping venues that are located in the harbors, inlets, or waterway.

Whether you choose to cruise North or South on the intracoastal waterway you’ll always find an abundance of things to see and do. Many families make it a part of their vacation year after year. Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rentals offers the best luxurious pontoon boats in the area. Our boats can comfortably fit up to 10 family members and friends and include all the extra bells and whistles to have a safe, fun, and incredible family outing on the water.

Call 843-999-3095 or book online at for your fun-filled family adventure today! Book early for best availability and best times as summer books up quickly.

What Is The Cost Of Owning A Boat?

Are you thinking of owning your own boat? Make sure you’re taking into consideration ALL the costs that come with owning a boat. First time boat owners often make the mistake of underestimating the money they have to spend after they buy a boat.

Obviously paying for fuel is a huge cost when it comes to having a boat. And the amount of money you spend to put in your car’s gas tank is nothing compared to what a boat fuel tank will cost to fill up.

Operating costs like maintenance, repair, or replacement of essential things for your boat is also going to run pretty high. It’s impossible to know how much boat maintenance is going to cost you, but it’s definitely not something that can be skipped out on.

Insurance for boats is not a requirement in all states, but is most definitely worth considering. Imagine if cars did not have insurance on them, how much money people would be paying out of pocket for accidents. Oh, and on that note, imagine cars with no insurance and also no brakes (because boats don’t have brakes). At the end of the day, boat insurance is up to the owner.

Depending on what kind of boat you buy, you may have to store it at a marina or storage facility. The price to have your boat stored differs, but its definitely not cheap.

So, before you crunch the numbers on how to buy that new boat you’re looking at, take into consideration all the major costs of owning a boat and not just the sticker that’s on the front at the time of purchase.

If you’re not sure whether you want to own a boat or not yet, renting with Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rentals is always an option. With renting, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, insurance or other fees, and it will take a lot of hassle out of getting to enjoy a day on the water.

Why Do Jet Skis Flip Over?

While modern jet skis are very stable, there are many factors why it is very possible for your jet ski to flip over.

Seasoned jet ski riders know the deal, if you feel like you’re gonna fall off your ski, you let go of the handles, whether you are falling slowly or fast, the biggest reason your ski will flip over is because you are falling off the ski and taking it with you.

Losing control of the ski during high speed turns can result in your ski flipping over. The basic laws of physics explain that one. On the other hand, because jet skis run on a jet propulsion system, keeping the ski moving is essential, because trying to turn at low speeds will cause the ski to flip.

Another common reason your ski will flip over is because of the weight on the ski. The more weight you have on a jet ski, the easier it is to flip over or fall off. On average, a jet ski itself has a weight limit of about 600 lbs. But, our suggestion is to keep it around 350-400lbs. This includes the combined weight limit if there are two riders.

Flipping your jet ski happens to everyone, even the most seasoned PWC riders. Make sure to keep in mind to always board your jet ski from the back, and if you must right a flipped ski check the back of the ski for the direction in which you need to turn it.

At Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rentals, we do have a weight limit on our rental skis, in order to keep our customers safe. If you flip a jet ski while on a tour, your guide will help you to flip it back over.

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