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Are There Dangerous Animals In The Ocean?

One of the biggest concerns we receive from travelers is about the safety of the water they are in. The threat of shark attacks in Myrtle Beach remains remarkably low. Myrtle Beach has an average of 15 million visitors each year and the odds of being attacked by a shark are about 1 in 4 million. You are more likely to be struck by lightning standing on the beach. Jellyfish are prominent in the Myrtle Beach area and should be avoided. We see swarms of jellies usually around late July. However, the jellies are hard to see in the water due to their clear coloring. Your best bet is to ask your tour guide if it is safe for you to take a swim in the area you’re in. We also have seen sea turtles, stingrays and an assortment of other wild animals in the ocean, none of which have ever raised any concerns for our renters or guides!

Hurricane Season In Myrtle Beach

“Hurricane season” is from June 1st to November every year. Thousands of people still travel to Myrtle Beach during this time period. The chances of Myrtle Beach being in the direct path of a hurricane are very slim. We have often experienced “symptoms” of hurricanes that are making landfall in Florida, but these usually only consist of higher waves and more breeze. There are many variables when in comes to hurricane weather, because its just that, weather- the most unpredictable thing you can think of while on vacation. If the threat of a hurricane were to fall on Myrtle Beach the Emergency Management Division is more than prepared to handle the storm and whatever it throws our way!

Is The Ocean Water Clean?

We get a lot of questions from travelers regarding the safety of the ocean water. The short answer to these questions: it is perfectly safe to swim and be in the ocean in the area. As far as sanitary reasons go, local governments adhere to a water monitoring program that was administered by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. This protocol follows strict standards that the ocean water is tested along the coast twice a week and even posted on SCDHEC’s Beach Access Guide in order to be transparent with visitors and locals alike. However, the possibility of contaminants and pollutants in the water is greatest after big storms or heavy rain, so the water should be avoided at those times.

Weather In Myrtle Beach, SC

If you’ve been to Myrtle Beach in the past, or are a local to the area, you know that the weather app on your phone can NOT be trusted. 6/7 days of the week it usually shows rain at some point, when in reality, Myrtle Beach has an average of 218 sunny days seeing no rain on those days. Between the humidity and the ocean breeze in Myrtle Beach, summer thunderstorms are not uncommon. However, these storms are short lived and over before you wake up from your afternoon nap! The average temperature on a normal summer day in Myrtle Beach is between 85-95 degrees and the ocean water temperature averages about 81 degrees from early May to late October. Because Myrtle Beach has such an abundance of water, the ocean breeze is said to cool the areas closest to it by at least 5 degrees. If you’re planning on getting a nice tan to make your coworkers back home jealous, you can definitely achieve that on one of the beautiful beaches in Myrtle, with an average UV index of 8. Just remember to wear your sunscreen!

Riding A Jet Ski On Holiday Weekends

Riding a jet ski can be an incredible experience, and a thrill of a lifetime. But as with other Water Sport activities, safety should be of top priority always. 

Holiday weekends have an increased danger due to the amount of people on the water as well as the intoxication of those on the water around you. On holiday weekends, it is imperative that you have some idea of how to ride a jet ski, not only for your safety but for those around you. If you’ve never rode a jet ski before, holiday weekends are not the time to start.

You must be extra cautious of your surroundings on busy weekends. The threat of other boaters on the water increases dramatically therefore you need to be extra cautious. 

Many rental companies will limit holiday rentals to only in the morning times when the water is less busy.

At the end of the day, it is up to your discretion on whether or not you are fit to operate a jet ski on a busy weekend.

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