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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Pontoon Boat Rental

The first step to getting the most out of your pontoon boat rental is to make sure everyone in your party is on the same page. A relaxing day on the water can quickly turn into a stressful chaotic mess if everyone in your party is not communicative.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, ask an employee for directions to certain key spots you may want to visit. At MBJSR we are more than happy to provide directions and pull them up on your phone, as well as provide laminated maps onboard the pontoon.

Bring snacks and drinks! You are likely to need something to drink no matter how long you are on the water, so make sure you are prepared!

This may seem like an obvious one but… WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN! There is nothing worse than having the best day imaginable on the water with your family or friends, only to return in pain because by the end of the day you realize in all the excitement of cruising the waters you forgot to lather that sunscreen on every 2 hours.

Why We Use Yamaha WaveRunners

You can’t go wrong using a Yamaha jet ski, and in our opinion you’re better off in doing so. Yamaha WaveRunners have a design that makes it easy for beginners to enjoy being on the water. The Yamaha brand is also highly dependable. Rarely do they have engine problems, and when they do they are more often than not- simple fixes. Yamaha WaveRunners are also one of the most fuel efficient jet ski brands. All of these characteristics account for the choice in using Yamaha WaveRunners compared to other brands.

Coast Guard Regulations with Personal Watercrafts

Jet skis can be very fun, and are safe for those who exercise common sense, however there are still rules and regulations that the Coast Guard has implemented in order to protect those who wish to get on the water.

Unnecessary risks were common in jet skis 20 years ago, because there were little to no regulations surrounding jet skis or their riders. Since then, manufacturers as well as the Coast Guard have been setting regulations to make jet skis safer for anyone who uses them.

In 1999, the Coast Guard and jet ski manufacturers came to an agreement to limit the top speeds that a jet ski could travel when they are bought stock from a factory. The top speed that manufacturers limited the skis to was 65mph. Now this is a pretty fast speed to be traveling on water, but still people buy these skis and modify them to travel at faster speeds than that (which is completely legal since there are no laws or regulations to the speed that a jet ski can travel).

Rental companies (if they are responsible enough) will “turn down” or “govern” the skis they allow renters to ride on in order to be more cautious about the safety of their riders. There is no certain number rental companies use.

But trust us, when you’re on the water on a machine like a jet ski, 50 mph feels like 80mph.

Equipment Required To Ride A Jet Ski

1) Approved fire extinguisher on-board the ski

2) Whistle or horn – as a signaling device

3) Registration with decals

4) Life vest

5) Kill switch lanyard attached to the wrist

This equipment not only allows for proper operation of the vessel but it’s also the law.

Interacting With Wild Dolphins

Dolphin tours are becoming increasingly popular all up and down the East Coast. It’s an incredible experience to see dolphins in their natural habitat. But there are a few rules you should be wary of when interacting with these wild animals- for their protection as well as your own-.

Rule 1: Don’t feed them!

Not only is feeding marine animals illegal across the United States, it can also be dangerous for the dolphins to ingest human food, or be fed to by humans.

Rule 2: Give the dolphins space- ABSOLUTELY NO PETTING ALLOWED

Dolphins, as cute as they may be, are still wild animals and can be unpredictable. Admire them from a distance please!

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