Why Do Jet Skis Flip Over?

While modern jet skis are very stable, there are many factors why it is very possible for your jet ski to flip over.

Seasoned jet ski riders know the deal, if you feel like you’re gonna fall off your ski, you let go of the handles, whether you are falling slowly or fast, the biggest reason your ski will flip over is because you are falling off the ski and taking it with you.

Losing control of the ski during high speed turns can result in your ski flipping over. The basic laws of physics explain that one. On the other hand, because jet skis run on a jet propulsion system, keeping the ski moving is essential, because trying to turn at low speeds will cause the ski to flip.

Another common reason your ski will flip over is because of the weight on the ski. The more weight you have on a jet ski, the easier it is to flip over or fall off. On average, a jet ski itself has a weight limit of about 600 lbs. But, our suggestion is to keep it around 350-400lbs. This includes the combined weight limit if there are two riders.

Flipping your jet ski happens to everyone, even the most seasoned PWC riders. Make sure to keep in mind to always board your jet ski from the back, and if you must right a flipped ski check the back of the ski for the direction in which you need to turn it.

At Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rentals, we do have a weight limit on our rental skis, in order to keep our customers safe. If you flip a jet ski while on a tour, your guide will help you to flip it back over.

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